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Devinfo has been adapted from UNICEF ChildInfo database technology. It is a database system that provides a method to organise, store and display data in a uniform format to facilitate data sharing at the country level across government departments and UN agencies using the same system.

DevInfo is an integrated desktop and web-enabled tool with simple and user-friendly features to produce tables, graphs and maps. The software supports both standard and user-defined indicators. Data for Human Development The software supports both standard and user-defined indicators.

The standard set of indicators (the 48 MDG indicators) is at the core of the package and cannot be modified. However, at the regional and country levels, database administrators still have the option to add their own sets of local indicators to their databases. Sixteen countries in the region have developed their national databases using DevInfo technology.

MONEE Info consists of 128 indicators related to the MDGs and beyond. Based on the UNICEF IRC TransMONEE database, it allows monitoring of the situation of women and children in 27 countries in the region. It uses time-series data from 1989 to the most recent year for which data are available and is available in Russian and English. MONEE Info provides a rich resource for access to and analysis of child protection indicators related to the institutionalization of children, living arrangements and juvenile justice, among other issues.

MICS Info presents the findings of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (third round) carried out in 12 countries in the region. It includes charts illustrating key findings; downloadable tables; the report, 'Emerging challenges for children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – Focus on disparities'; and full access to data on 59 indicators, including new indicators on child protection and early childhood development.

The Regional MDG Infodatabase has been developed in partnership by UNICEF, UNDP and UNECE to strengthen national capacities in MDG literacy and monitoring. The database is used to advocate for improvement in data quality and comparability. It includes 78 indicators stratified by different background variables. The gallery provides easy access to key findings related to progress towards the MDGs.


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DevInfo in CEECIS

DevInfo: Data for Human Development (pdf)


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