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Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)


Regional Office Team

UNICEF Europe and Central Asia Regional Office

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Tel: +41 22 909 5433



Regional Director
Afshan Khan


Deputy Regional Director
David Mcloughlin 



Health and Nutrition
Regional Advisor: Basil Rodriques


Regional Advisor: Philippe Testot-Ferry


Child Protection
Regional Advisor: Jean-Claude Legrand


HIV and AIDS and Young People`s Health, Development and Protection
Regional Advisor: Nina Ferencic

Economic, Social Policy

Regional Advisor: Joanne Bosworth



Regional Advisor: Maha Muna


Early Childhood Development

Regional Advisor: Deepa Grover


Regional Advisor: Robert McCarthy


Programme and Planning

Regional Advisor: Fabio Sabatini


Monitoring and Evaluation

Regional Advisor: Lori Bell


Regional Chief: Chulho Hyun


Regional Chief: Nagi Messiha


Human Resources

Regional Chief: Elena Domingquez        



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