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Keeping our promise to children: an agenda for action.

In this region, UNICEF addresses the unfinished business and exclusion that keeps too many marginalized children in institutions, too many out of school, too many living in unsafe and hazard-prone communities and too many adolescents excluded and without hope. These are children with disabilities, children of migrant workers, children from ethnic minorities, rural children and the urban poor, children in conflict with the law or living in institutions and, in some cases, girls.

In partnership with governments from the region, our 10-point agenda for action aims to strengthen those institutions that allow capacity gaps to exist. Our ambition is to get the region talking and working together on behalf of the most vulnerable children and to ensure that our work evolves in step with the changing world around us.

Regional Knowledge and Leadership Agenda:

1. A child’s right to health: ‘A promise renewed’

2. A child’s right to a supportive and caring family environment

3. A child’s right to access to justice

4. A child’s right to early learning

5. A child’s right to an inclusive quality education

6. A child’s right to be born free of HIV

7. A young child’s right to comprehensive well-being

8. A child’s right to social protection

9. A child’s right to protection from the risks of disasters: reducing vulnerability

10. An adolescent’s right to a second decade, a second chance

These are the 10 areas that require the most attention in order to create a region that is fit for children. Please see  what we do to find out more about how we will be implementing this agenda.




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