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Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

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Located in Geneva, Switzerland, the Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (RO ECA) coordinates and supervises UNICEF’s work in 22 countries and entities to ensure that no child is left out in our efforts to realize their rights.

The Regional Office advocates at regional level for investment in children and for children-centred social policies. And we aim to develop regional partnerships for the achievements of the Millenium Development Goals and push for sustainable development beyond 2015.

Through the Regional Knowledge Management and Leadership Agenda, UNICEF is supporting governments to address common challenges across the region, to galvanize horizontal cooperation and mutual learning and to document impact level results for children in multiple countries which share a similar historical context.

UNICEF liaises with major international governmental bodies on regionwide children` issues such as the European Union, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe.

We provide technical support, policy guidance and oversight, and intellectual leadership on children's issues to the UNICEF Country Offices. We coordinate UNICEF's engagement in the UN Coherence process in the region, as well as support resource mobilization efforts for Country Offices.

The work of the Regional Advisors is organised around UNICEF’s key priorities in the region: Health and Nutrition, Children and AIDS, Basic Education and Gender Equality, Child Protection, and Emergency Preparedness and Response. A range of cross-cutting programmes support these priorities, including Communications, Advocacy and Partnerships for Children’s Rights, Communication for Development, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation as well as IT, HR and Operations.

The team is led by Regional Director Afshan Khan and Deputy Regional Director David McLoughlin.





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