Study on the quality of water, sanitation and hygiene practices in the schools of Moldova

Chisinau, November 12, 2010 - More than 60% of Moldovan students are at risk of falling sick because of the bad quality of water in their schools. This is one of the findings of the Report “Quality of water, sanitation and hygiene practices in the schools of Moldova”, launched today by UNICEF, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the National Centre of Public Health. The data has been collected from all more than 1,500 schools existing in Moldova. The quality of water has been assessed according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).
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Blame & Banishment

VIENNA, 19 July 2010 -  An underground HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is intensifying at an alarming pace, fueled by drug use, high-risk sexual behavior and high levels of social stigma that discourage people from seeking prevention information and treatment, according to a new report released today by UNICEF. The report, “Blame and Banishment: The underground HIV epidemic affecting children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia,” highlights the issues faced by children living with HIV, adolescents engaged in risky behaviors, pregnant women using drugs, and the more than one million children and young people who live or work on the streets of the region.
published in July 2010 - download as PDF

UNICEF Bulgaria Annual Report 2008

The year 2008 was full of challenges and major achievements. In 2008, UNICEF together with its partners has made signifi cant progress in fulfilling the goals of its programme of cooperation in Bulgaria. Much has been achieved but much remains to be done. We are delighted to present some key highlights on UNICEF’s work in this 2008 report. It demonstrates key achievements in each of our priority areas: social policy and advocacy, child rights monitoring, deinstitutionalization, development of alternative social services, child protection, prevention of violence against
children, communication, advocacy and fundraising. Working together and overcoming the challenges in these fi elds is fundamental for advancing children’s rights in this country. They are also an investment towards arriving at a safe, secure, enabling and supportive environment where every child can grow up healthy, educated, informed and socially active.
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Have Fun, Be Safe! 

A companion to the World Report on Child Injury Prevention 2008. The booklet, which is written for children aged 7–10, describes many different types of safety hazards and recommends actions that children can take to reduce risks and prevent injuries.
Russian version - English version

Strategy development for the reform of the state care system for children deprived of parental care living in state care institutions
A report for UNICEF Ukraine by Andy Bilson and Richard Carter (June 2008)
English version (pdf)

Analytic report based on survey results
Assessment of initial knowledge, attitudes and practices among social workers and management of child care institutions and children living in such institutions about personal, social and psychological needs of children living in care institutions in Ukraine (2005)
English version - Ukrainian version

Lost in the Justice System

Children in conflict with the law in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (May 2008) [English]

Bridging the Gap

The Role of Monitoring and Evaluation in Evidence-based Policy Making (January 2008) [English]

Child Rights Impact Assessment of Potential Electricity Price Rises in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(2007) [English]

Joint Country-led Evaluation of Child-focused Policies within the Social Protection Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 (December 2007) [English]

Report on results: Biological And Behavioural Survey Among Injecting Drug Users

(Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2007) [English]

Young Voices - Opinion Survey of Children and Young People in Europe and CA

 [English] [Russian]

Women and Children in Albania

(January 2008) [English]

UN World Youth Report 2007: Effects of changing economies on CEE/CIS youth (January 2008) [English]

Child Poverty Study in the former Yugoslav Repubic of Macedonia (November 2007) [English full report] [Overview]

Republic of Macedonia Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2005-2006 (November 2007) [English]

Serbia Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2005 (May 2007) [English]

UNICEF Romania Annual Report (2006) [English]

Children on the brink: A focussed situation Analysis of vulnerable, excluded, and discriminated children in Romania [English]

Children's Voices: A Qualitative Study of Poverty in Tajikistan First ever report on child poverty in Tajikistan (May 2007) [English]

Romani Children in South East Europe: The challenge of overcoming centuries of distrust and discrimination (March 2007) [English]

Breaking the cycle of exclusion: Roma children in South East Europe (March 2007) [English]

Innocenti Social Monitor 2006: Understanding Child Poverty in South-Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States  (October 2006) [English & Russian]

Innocenti Social Monitor 2006 Executive Summary [English]

Innocenti Social Monitor 2006 Overview [English][Russian]

United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children (August 2006) [English]

Study on Violence against Children Adapted for Children and Young People [English]

Regional Consultation on violence against children Europe and Central Asia [English]

Action to Prevent Child Trafficking in South Eastern Europe (June 2006) [English full report] [Page 1-20, 21-48, 49-70, 71-94]

Unite for Children Unite against AIDS Eastern Europe and Central Asia [English] [Russian]

Unite for Children Unite against AIDS Global campaign document [English]

Combating Child Trafficking Handbook for Parlimentarians (November 2005) [English][Russian]

Children and Disability in Transition [English] [Russian]

Core Commitments for Children in Emergencies [Russian]

Trafficking in Human Beings in South Eastern Europe [English]

UNICEF CEE/CIS brochure All rights for all children [English] [Russian]

Sport, Recreation and Play The publication features recent research on the physical, mental and social benefits of sport, and the UN Secretary-General’s recommendations on sports’ role in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. [English]

The Media and Children's Rights Based on the practical experience of working journalists, the Media and Children’s Rights Handbook aims to boost media understanding of the implications of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on media coverage of children's issues. [Egnlish] [Russian]

Generation in Jeopardy Children in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union [English]

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UNICEF CEECIS Country Office Annual Reports

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