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When every child has the chance to play and learn through the life cycle, and schools are effective, safe and supportive, it becomes possible to ensure that all children fulfill their potential. We support the countries in the Eastern Caribbean sub-region to achieve this, through Early Childhood Development, Effective Schools and Education Reforms.


UNICEF Eastern Caribbean works with many partners to help boys and girls in the Eastern Caribbean Area get quality education and development from early childhood through to adolescence.

A child starts to learn from birth, with the first two years having the most impact on learning abilities. Education is therefore important through the child’s life cycle from early childhood (birth to 8 years), through early adolescence (10-14 years), to late adolescence (15-18 years).

To ensure children get the best start in life we work with governments to:

  • Establish clear policies and set standards for privately run preschools
  • Create systems for screening, referral and early interventions to spot developmental delays and disabilities
  • Reach the vulnerable, the marginalised and the excluded referral
  • Support stimulating and interactive environments, not only in nurseries and schools but also in homes and communities
  • Build children’s resilience to the effects of climate change



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