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Adolescents 3-months blog by Debbie Daway

 Debbie Daway is a 15-year-old girl who loves singing and song-writing and lives with her family in Dominica’s capital Roseau. Here’s her view of life three months after Maria struck on 18 September.  

“Well of course the hurricane was very significant. You almost cannot remember life before Maria.  Everybody is still kind of traumatised and as time passed we saw all the things we took for granted and wonder how we can get those things back. 

Life is not normal but I cannot complain because I could have been dead, I could have died in that hurricane, many people died in that hurricane…

I’m glad we're back at school as it actually takes your mind off things. You have to concentrate in class, you have to put your best foot forward so that you can get good grades. If something like this happens we have to get better grades so we can come back and develop our country. And that’s what I’m for. I want to develop my country. I want to help people.

I’m not about just making money and being a big person and school is a stepping stone on that journey. Where will the journey take me? I am a very environmental person so anything to do with trees and animals; I am there! 

To see Dominica green again feels awesome. I’m a tree person, I love them, so the green is just very refreshing to see. Honestly, it’s really good.  

The hardest thing about the hurricane was adjusting to life after. For a while, you couldn’t go where you wanted to when you wanted to, there was no water, no light. We didn’t have Wi-Fi and I’m a young person and I’m addicted to it! You couldn’t eat what you usually eat, there was no choice - only tinned stuff. It was horrible and really frustrating as I like food. Well, I like good food… 

After the hurricane I really and truly do feel different as a person because I’ve learned how to appreciate things more: the trees around us, my family, the things we had that didn’t even seem that significant like water and light. So I do feel that I have more appreciation for things around me after Maria than I had before.” 



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