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A boy from Phang Nga, Thailand

UNICEF relies on voluntary contributions to sustain its work for children, much of it from individuals and private corporations. Here is how you or your company can support UNICEF:
• Donations: You can help expand UNICEF’s work with children in the region by giving your financial support. The most effective way to do this is to pledge a monthly gift that allows UNICEF to cost-effectively expand its long-term work to improve children’s lives. 

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• Corporate partnerships: Corporations are becoming increasingly important to UNICEF’s work in the region. Partnerships typically involve building a national or multicountry alliance that offers mutual benefits – to the company and to children. Find out more about corporate partnerships with UNICEF.
• UNICEF cards and gifts: Purchase UNICEF cards and gifts to delight your family and friends while helping improve the lives of children. Find out more about UNICEF cards and gifts.                                                                                                                          








Horn of Africa Crisis

 Right now, as you read this, over 2 million children in the Horn of Africa are malnourished.  500,000of these children are so severely malnourished, they are close to death.  We are rushing therapeutic food, health and water supplies to the most vlunerable children.  We are now the main provider of therapeutic food across the region.


But we desperately need more funds to help us reach every child that needs us.  Please donate now.


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