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Resources on pandamic and avian influenza

Essentials for Excellence
The guide is aimed at users who want straightforward answers to often quite complex questions (including sampling, research design and pre-testing) who need handy tips, and who are looking for practical rather than academic advice.

A training manual for media workshops on avian influenza
This manual provides a methodology for trainers and media support organizations interested in providing courses on the coverage of avian influenza, including course agenda, exercises, and field safety guidelines for journalists covering avian influenza.

WHO/UNICEF Informal discussion on behavioural interventions for the next influenza pandemic
UNICEF, WHO and Thailand's Ministry of Public Health had an informal discussion in December 2006, in response to requests to guide national level planning. Participants reviewed the lessons learnt from past pandemics.

Report of United Nations system workshop on avian and human influenza for Asia and the Pacific, 9-10 November 2006, Bangkok, Thailand
The purpose of workshop was for UN country teams of Southeast, East and South Asia and the Pacific to review progress, while identifying obstacles, exchanging experiences, and establishing priorities for avian and human influenza activities for 2007.



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