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Have Fun, Be Safe! - Companion to the World Report on Child Injury Prevention 2008
This booklet is here to help children learn. It was written to go along with the World Report on Child Injury Prevention 2008, which brings together information and ideas from all over the world to make children safer.

World report on child injury prevention
The World Report on Child Injury Prevention provides the first comprehensive global assessment of childhood unintentional injuries and prescribes measures to prevent them. It concludes that if proven prevention measures were adopted everywhere...

Child Mortality and Injury in Asia
UNICEF Innocenti Working Papers are intended to disseminate initial research contributions within the Centre’s programme of work, addressing social, economic and institutional aspects of the realization of the human rights of children. March 2008

Child injury in Asia - Time for action. 2004
This paper was prepared by UNICEF EAPRO, Michael Linnan and Ambassador Pete Peterson of TASC for the UNICEF/TASC conference on child injury: Towards a world safe for children, 21-22 April 2004, Bangkok.

Towards a world safe for children. 2004
This publication reports on the Conference on Child Injury, in Bangkok 21-22 April 2004, where the issue of child injuries was highlighted as a critical problem for many countries in the EAP region.



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