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OneMinutesJr workshop in Suva, Fiji - Day Four

© UNICEF / Schuepp / 2010
The Wailea River in Suva, giving one of the participants reason for concern.

Fiji, 21 January 2010 - Day Four of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Suva and this means that it is time to finish the filming and start the editing process.

Only two participants still need to go out and shoot their films. One of them is 18-year-old Epironi. He takes us to the Wailea settlement on the outskirts of Suva. Wailea is a squatter settlement and the river that flows through it, the Wailea River, is heavily polluted. This is Epironi's major concern and when we get to a bridge over the Wailea that divides the settlement, the whole extent of the ecological disaster becomes obvious. Shoes, car parts, old bags, thousands of plastic bags and diapers and all other sorts of rubbish silently flow down the river.

All we need to do is to film the river and add some spice in form of a fitting title and the film is finished.

© UNICEF / Schuepp / 2010
Trainer David at the editing desk with Lynne (center) and Sofaia (right).

Back in the workshop venue, the other participants have already started editing their films. We need to finish almost 20 films until tomorrow afternoon, so we need to hurry in order to give everybody ample attention.

Texts are written, voice-overs recorded, sounds created and footage captured and loaded. One by one we work with the participants at the laptops to make sure the final products are as close as possible to what they thought their films would be like.

Some videos are edited in a relatively short time, others take longer, always depending on the amount of material filmed and the complexity of the editing process. Luckily, we built in several "one shot OneMinutes", films that are shot in a single sequence and therefore do not require too much editing time.

The first to finish are Simeli, Joe-Lyn and Mela (watch the videos below). For the rest: "Work in progress". But only until tomorrow...

Suva, Fiji - January 21, 2010 - Chris Schuepp

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OneMinutesJr workshop in Fiji


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