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OneMinutesJr workshop in Suva, Fiji - Day Two

© UNICEF / Schuepp / 2010
Joe-Lyn (17) at the bus stop, waiting for the school bus that she cannot afford to take.

Fiji, 19 January 2010 - On the morning of the second day of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Fiji's capital Suva, we do another round of one-on-one interviews with the participants.

The story ideas need to be finalized and transformed into concrete images. For now, these images exist on paper only as little sketches, but they will soon be turned into real moving images that will then be edited into 60-second videos.

None of the participants have any experience with film cameras. Although technical skills are not a precondition for the participation at the workshop, there are usually some teenagers who are already more or less comfortable with the small video cameras that we bring to the workshops. Here in Fiji, we have to start from the very basics, but the young people are eager to learn and listen carefully when the trainers give them an introduction to the camera and the tripods.

On the first day, they already enjoyed watching a UNESCO DVD that gives a theoretical introduction to camera, sound and editing. But there is nothing better than a hands-on approach and so we encourage the young people to take the cameras after the lunch break and start filming each other and their surrounding.

Day Two of the workshop is also when we really need to start getting the footage in for the films. We have 20 participants here in Suva and we would like to have 20 finished OneMinutesJr videos at the end of the workshop this Friday, so it is time to get serious with the work.

Trainer David from the Netherlands takes three participants to the market in the afternoon and helps them shoot their three films. Lai and Mesulame, two boys from Suva, have both been working there for a while, trying to help their parents support their families with some extra income. Pushing wheel barrows and shining shoes all day long are tough jobs as their films will show. Lora (15) is telling her story on the market as well, the story of the weight on her shoulders, being the oldest child in the family and having to worry about bringing money home for food at the age of fifteen.

© UNICEF / Schuepp / 2010
Alisi (left) and her friend (right) who has gone through tough times.

Back at the workshop venue on the hills overlooking Suva, Joe-Lyn writes a letter to the Minster of Education, complaining about the rising bus fares that make her and her family's life much harder. The 17-year-old girl will never take the letter to the post office, but she is filmed while writing and sitting at the bus station and her voice-over for the OneMinutesJr film will clearly explain what her demands are.

Finally, the last film for today is Alisi's film about sexual abuse that we shoot in a poorer part of the city, using a makeshift home as the backdrop for the sad story she is telling. Her friend was abused and then forced into prostitution at a young age. Alisi talks about her friend's helplessness, but she also says that she herself feels helpless, too, since she had no chance to prevent her friend from wasting her future.

Tomorrow will see an even busier filming schedule with up to 15 films still in the making...

Suva, Fiji - January 19, 2010 - Chris Schuepp





OneMinutesJr workshop in Fiji


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