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Migrant Children's Special Needs
Migrant children usually have to go home by themselves, or with their friends living in the same neighbourhood.

Children affected by floods in Thailand

Children living in evacuation centres

Maggie and child

Child poverty in Liangshan
Maggie Cheung visited Liangshan, Sichuan Province in May, to see UNICEF’s work with orphans and other vulnerable children. These are the stories of some of the children we are helping.

Creative connections, Viet Nam

‘Creative Connection’: Change comes from within
Started in 2009 in 11 schools in Viet Nam, this initiative aims to foster participation and behaviour change in schools by using various forms of art to help children understand key issues and become change agents in their school and communities.

Helping young offenders find the way
UNICEF is helping to teach young offenders the skills needed to rehabilitate and reintegrate themselves into their communities

Help children in land-slide hit Zhouqu County
A massive landslide hit northwestern China's Zhouqu County in the early morning of 8 August. As of 16 August, the casualty toll stands at 1,254 deaths, 490 missing and 45,000 evacuated. UNICEF is rushing medical supplies to the emergency zone.

In Mongolia, the winter of their coldest tent
A photo chronicle of the freezing difficulties Mongolians are experiencing

Reaching children with life-saving vaccines
UNICEF has been helping the Government of China to develop vaccines, establish cold systems and train health workers since 1979.

Street children of Manila
Find out how UNICEF Philippines is helping to protect the rights of children living on the streets of Manila and in residential shelters.

One mouth, one book, one chalk, one blackboard
The income gap between China's cities and rural areas is a challenging reality for children in Yongping County, Yunnan Province – rated by the national government as one of the poorest counties of China.

Children of the Mountain
On December 20, 2009, Mt. Mayon in the Philippines was declared Level 4 meaning an eruption is imminent. Around 17,000 children were evacuated. Meet some of the children who live under the spectre of Mayon's wrath, and hear their dreams for the future.

© UNICEF 2009

Viet Nam: Educating ethnic minority children
13 April 2009: The Vietnamese Government, with assistance from UNICEF and IKEA, is working to improve primary education for ethnic minorities.

Natural disasters in Asia and Pacific
Late September and early October 2009, natural disasters hit Asia & Pacific: Tsunami in Samoa, typhoon in Philippines, earthquake in Indonesia, floods in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao. Millions people, particularly children, affected and displaced.

Everyday fears
Children suffer from stress and anxiety due to ongoing violence in Thailand's southernmost provinces.

First Global Handwashing Day
15 October 2008: Ten countries in East Asia and the Pacific celebrate the first Global Handwashing Day with a variety of activities.



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