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New report exposes the problem and nature of sexual violence against children in five Pacific countries
FIJI, 14 December 2006 - Findings in five Pacific Island countries reveals an alarming degree of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and that children are most at risk in their homes and communities and with people they know and trust.

Kids tell ASEAN: build one caring and sharing community for children
ANTIPOLO CITY, 13 December 2006 - Child delegates called on leaders to give children more priority in the region’s development and urged their Governments to involve young people more actively in developing policies, progammes and laws that affect them.

Gender inequality limits children’s development
CEBU, 12 December 2006 - UNICEF publication "State of the World's Children" shows that getting women on equal footing in the household, the workplace and in the political sphere will translate into better conditions for the world’s 2.18 billion children.

First South East Asian Children's Conference
ANTIPOLO CITY, PHILIPPINES, 11 December 2006 - The 3-day conference brings over 40 child delegates from ASEAN to discuss issues facing them, such as access to quality education, HIV/AIDS, trafficking and the impact of natural disasters.

New UNICEF water and sanitation programme launched in Lao PDR
VIENTIANE, 23 November 2006 - Despite great improvements in increasing access to water and sanitation facilities for those living in urban areas, many poor rural families in Lao PDR are still not being reached.

Japan's Kansai Telecasting Corporation wins 2006 ABU CASBAA UNICEF Child Rights Award
BEIJING, 7 November 2006 - The winning documentary titled 'Conquering the Darkness - the Fight Against Memoires of Abuse' tells the story of a parent's personal struggle to end the cycle of child abuse in the family.

Asia Pacific region strengthens action to integrate HIV prevention into maternal and child health care services
SUBANG, 6 November 2006 - At the first Asia Pacific Joint Forum, UN has called for urgent efforts to better integrate HIV prevention, treatment and care into maternal and newborn health services to prevent the spread of the virus and reduce mortality.

First Asia-Pacific regional conference on universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support in low prevalence countries
ULAANBAATAR, 27 October 2006 - Countries where HIV is still rare can avoid serious epidemics. It is essential that they invest in targeted prevention efforts and actively counter the stigma of HIV and the taboos that hinder addressing risky behaviours.

Secretary-General’s Study on Violence Against Children: Tolerance of everyday violence against children must end
BANGKOK, 19 October 2006 - Leading child-rights organizations urged governments from East Asia and the Pacific to take swift action to prevent and respond to pervasive everyday violence affecting millions of children in the region.

Water and sanitation remain huge challenges in East Asia and the Pacific
BANGKOK, 28 September 2006 - East Asia and the Pacific has achieved the MDG water and sanitation targets. However, almost 1 billion people still live without basic sanitation facilities and more than 400 million have no access to drinking water.

Back to school campaign in Timor-Leste ready for roll out
DILI, 1 September 2006 - Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Education and Culture and UNICEF will launch a nationwide ‘Back to School’ campaign on Monday 4 September to encourage over 200,000 children to resume formal education at the start of a new school year.

Elimination of iodine deficiency disorders: Viet Nam achieves the international goal
HANOI, 24 August 2006 – Viet Nam has achieved the international goal on elimination of iodine deficiency by 2005 – the Ministry of Health announced at the Ten Years Review Symposium of the National Programme on IDD Control.

Jackie Chan in bird flu public service announcement
BANGKOK, 16 August 2006 - Jackie Chan stars in a television public service announcement to alert children and their families to the dangers of highly pathogenic avian influenza.

China gains mask nutrition challenge in East Asia and Pacific
BANGKOK, 2 May 2006 - China's success in slashing the ranks of underweight children has led East Asia and the Pacific to all but achieve a universally agreed goal of cutting hunger by half, nine years ahead of the deadline.

Calls for urgent action to put children on the HIV/AIDS agenda
HANOI, 24 March 2006 – More than 300 delegates concluded the EAP regional consultation on children and HIV/AIDS with a strong endorsement of a declaration outlining specific steps to increase and expand prevention, care, treatment and support.

Tsunami generation of children see hope for the future
BANGKOK, 22 December 2005 - One year after the tsunami dramatically changed their lives, children in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand feel hopeful about the future, while children in Indonesia are recovering at a slower pace.

In East Asia and the Pacific, face of AIDS is becoming younger: Global campaign calls for spotlight on children in fight against HIV/AIDS
BANGKOK, 25 October 2005 - Children are increasingly bearing the brunt of the HIV and AIDS pandemic in East Asia and the Pacific, UNICEF and UNAIDS warned at the launch of a global campaign on HIV/AIDS.



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