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Solomon Islands workshop - Day 1

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2011
Starting the OneMinutesJr workshop in Honiara: Teenagers from different islands in the Solomons.
by Chris Schuepp

HONIARA, Solomon Islands, 18 July 2011 - A new week, a new workshop: 20 young people from different locations in the Solomon Islands have come together in the capital Honiara to participate in a workshop supported by UNICEF Pacific, Save the Children and OneTV. The trainers from Germany and the Netherlands have just finished a workshop in Vanuatu and are now ready for 20 new faces and 20 new story ideas in this Solomon adventure.

To introduce the concept of the OneMinutesJr project, we show the participants the videos produced by their peers from Vanuatu last week. Experience shows that young people can relate much better to content produced in their region. It would be difficult to show the group here films from Europe without running the risk that we generate more questions than answers. What we want to show the participants with the Vanuatu films is the fact that there, just like here, the workshop started with 20 inexperienced young people and finished with 20 great short films produced by these formerly inexperienced teenagers.
© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2011
Writing down the initial story ideas: Girls at the workshop in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands.

After lunch we sit down with the youngsters in individual brainstorming session. Again, the main topics are to be child poverty, water & sanitation and violence against children. Climate change, HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy are also brought up and not to our surprise, the girls lead the way in these matters. While many of the boys come up with stories around violence, the girls tend to look for their stories in the "poverty and hygiene section".

The first day of the workshop ends with some "homework assignments" for the participants. Some props need to be arranged, some actors need to be found and some of the participants still have to work a bit more on their storyboards so that we can start filming tomorrow and shoot the first movies of the first-ever Solomon Islands OneMinutesJr workshop.





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