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One Minute Juniors video workshop in Vanuatu

OneMinJrs in Vanuatu
© UNICEF Pacific

Day 2

PORT VILA, Vanuatu, 12 July 2011 - On the second day of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Vanuatu, the young participants have to fine-tune their ideas and use their imagination to turn these ideas into images and a storyboard which they can then use during the production of the films.

Historically, the Pacific islanders are oral storytellers and on the remote islands, listening to the the radio and telling stories at night is still much more widely spread than watching TV. This heritage also becomes obvious here at the workshop, because many of the teenagers are having problems "translating" the spoken word into images. In addition to this, only a few of them are experienced with the camera, but fortunately their curiosity immediately turns this into a bonus when we hand over the camcorders to them after the technical introduction in today's morning session.

Eye contact - The OneMinutesJr workshop participants are getting close.

And off we go with the whole group to shoot film #1. Cedric (19) tells a story about a man who drinks kava, the sedative drink typical of the Pacific islands. Coupled with too much alcohol, kava can become a problem and in Cedric's film, the man goes home where it gets mad with his wife for not cooking lunch for him. The husband is about to beat his wife when the child enters the kitchen. The rest is special effects and will only be unveiled at the final OneMinutesJr presentation on Friday...

In the afternoon, the group and the two trainers from Germany and the Netherlands goes out to the suburbs of Port Vila, where water and hygiene issues are turned into the main topics of the films. Limo (18) was very active with the camera today when the teenagers were allowed to practice with the equipment. Now she feels comfortable to film her own video and with a little help from the trainers, she does a very good job in capturing the atmosphere in the village. Her story centers around a woman with a little baby. The mother cleans the room, gets her hands really dirty and then goes to the kitchen to feed the baby. However, Limo's film takes an unexpected turn and the baby can suddenly talk...

And "Action!" - Limo (18) is filming her story about water and sanitation in a suburb of Port Vila.

Many more films are on the agenda for tomorrow when the third day of the workshop starts in the capital of Vanuatu.

For more information, please contact:

Tomas Jensen, UNICEF Pacific Islands

Chris Schuepp, UNICEF OneMinutesJr project

Day 1

PORT VILA, Vanuatu, 11 July 2011 - 20 young people from Vanuata have gathered in the Pacific island's capital Port Vila today to participate in a OneMinutesJr video workshop organized by UNICEF and hosted by the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation.

Over the next five days, the youngsters will become script-writers, directors, cameramen, camerawomen and actors/actresses. All of them will create their own 60-second video with the help of trainers from UNICEF and the One Minute Foundation, 20 short film altogether about topics ranging from child poverty to violence again children as well as water & hygiene and immunization.

The first day of the workshop starts with mutual introductions from the workshop organizers and the participants. The young boys and girls who come from different parts of Vanuatu but are mainly based in the capital Port Vila are still a bit shy, but this is soon to change with the trainers breaking the ice by showing films produced by other teenagers in workshops held not too far from here in Fiji and Papua New Guinea in the past two years, but also films from Europe and the rest of the world.

Florence (18) is practicing with the camera

After a short lunch break, the teenagers are encouraged to speak up and present their general film ideas and then shape them into a story and eventually into a real story-board with a script and a list of actors, props and locations they need for the filming.

It soon becomes obvious that especially violence against children and water issues are high on the children's agenda. The fact that many people here are still polluting the rivers, dumping their garbage regardless of the fact that other people further downstream use the water for washing and sometimes even drinking the water will become a topic in one of the films. Also, water issues coupled with poverty have come up with many families still lacking access to clean water at home and being in a position where they have to walk for 15 minutes and more one way to fetch water at a well or a river.

Unfortunately, the topic "violence against children" for the short films to be produced at the workshop is also high in demand. Domestic violence, violence in schools in the form of teacher-to-student violence but also extreme bullying will play a role in the next few days.

We continue the discussions and the brainstorming about the film ideas until after sunset so that with some more fine-tuning tomorrow morning, we will be able to start filming by the afternoon of the second day of the training here in Port Vila.

For more information, please contact:

Tomas Jensen, UNICEF Pacific Islands

Chris Schuepp, UNICEF OneMinutesJr project




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