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Violence affects youth
This short video was co-produced by two of talented young social media facilitators together with Fiji Association of the Deaf. It focuses on violence and abuse against women and girls in Fiji.


A day in the life of a street girl in Manila
Thirteen-year-old Mary (not her real name) lives and works with her family on the streets of Manila, capital of the Philippines. The family occupy a corner of the pavement outside Starbucks in Binondo Square, where they sell cigarettes and newspapers, cook and eat, and sleep outside at night. Mary has been out of school for three years.

The Road Home
“I miss Myanmar and my family very much.” “I can't wait to go home,” said a Burmese boy who has stayed in a shelter in Thailand for years.

Man Utd in Thailand
Manchester United legend Bryan Robson visited a shelter for children in Thailand to learn how UNICEF is supporting children who have been abused or trafficked.

Review of the Year 2010 (UNICEF Thailand)
The achievements can be categorized into the following areas – Child Protection, Education, HIV/AIDS, Early Childhood Development, and Analysis and development of social policies.


UNICEF 2010 Year in Review
This three-minute video highlights some of UNICEF's challenges and achievements over the past year while highlighting Executive Director Anthony Lake's refocus on equity within the framework of child rights.

How UNICEF Thailand is helping children living in Bangkok’s slum communities get an education
12-year-old Nuch (not her real name) lives with her mother Dao, stepfather and five siblings in a single room hut in a small slum settlement near the flower market in Bangkok.


Some Children's Voices You Never Hear
The spot features a number of children in difficult situations. Although the children speak in the spot, their voices are not heard. This implies that while there are many problems facing children in Thailand today, the public does not pay enough attention to these problems.


Media for Pacific Children Productions
The videos were developed as part of the Global Economic Crisis Workshop held in 2010 in Vanuatu. The videos highlight vulnerability and poverty in the Pacific. Click to view the videos.

Adolescents and climate change in Kiribati
The video has been produced for a global audience to share Kiribati adolescents' views on climate change, its impact and their role in dealing with Climate Change. Click to view the video.


One minute videos produced by youth in East Asia & Pacific
Oneminutesjr. are 60 second videos made by young people between the ages of 12 and 20 from many countries in this region. Click to view these videos.


Most At Risk Young People
This film documents the research process and main findings of the national survey on young people's behaviours related to sex, drugs and alcohol use in 'hot spots' in eight provinces in Cambodia. The film was conceptualized and produced by UNICEF and provides important recommendations to work with and for young people at high risk of HIV exposure in the Cambodian context.


Uninformed Practices
Uninformed Practices is a video documentary created to raise awareness about maternal and newborn health care in Cambodia. The film was produced by the Child Survival section, UNICEF Cambodia.

UNICEF in the Philippines

A short video outlining how UNICEF upholds children's rights in the Philippines. It also explains why we need your help to continue this vital work and how you can donate to UNICEF Philippines.

The Human Face of the Global Economic Conference
This video was screend at the "Human Face of the Global Economic Conference on febuary 8 -12, 2010 " held in Port-Vila Vanuatu.


HELP UNICEF Put it Right for Sreynet
February 16, 2010 — Sreynet, 10, has lived on the streets in Cambodia all her life. Street children like Sreynet are effectively ignored by society they have little say in deciding their future and few opportunities to express their feelings and concerns to people with the power to help. Many of them are not registered at birth, making it harder for them to claim their rights, for example, to shelter, health care and education. Find out what UNICEF is doing to put it right and how you can help.


Improving Maternal Health in Cambodia
Richard Bridle, Head of UNICEF Cambodia, describes efforts to help the country meet the UN's Millennium Development Goals, including on maternal health and water and sanitation.


Toilets and Sanitation - Equity Weekly, Part 2
March 02, 2009 — This video report highlights key issues in use of toilets, Sanitation and Hygiene in Cambodia. This is a sequence extracted from the Equity Weekly TV show #66, broadcast on 30th November 08, produced by UNDP and TVK, with support from SIDA, AusAid, Canadian International Development Agency.


Help for victims of sexual exploitation in Cambodia
SIEM REAP, Cambodia. In the rural village of Prolet, 17-year-old Phlat sits on the bare floor of her simple timber and thatch house and recounts the trauma she has had to overcome after being sexually assaulted. I shut out memories of it," she says, suppressing tears. "I keep myself busy at home. And I have made lots of friends at school who help me to overcome this.

Baby Bubbly

The 45-second 3D animated public service announcement highlights the importance of initiating breastfeeding in the first hour of a child’s life, the theme for this year’s celebrations. This initial contact, as well as exclusive breastfeeding for six months, has the potential to save one million lives and is critical for reducing persistently high neonatal mortality.  VIDEO  high | low


Community Pre-schools
UNICEF partners with local government to prioritize construction of community pre-schools that promote early learning opportunities for children, especially those who live in rural areas.

Jackie Chan in bird flu public service announcement
The PSA seeks to alert children and their families around the world to the dangers of highly pathogenic avian influenza, or bird flu. The one-minute spot shows Chan, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, with six children and some very colourful origami birds that are used to convey an essential message. Chan tells the girls and boys in a firm tone: birds can pass on avian influenza to people, so it is important to stay away from sick and dead birds, especially chickens. He then nods approvingly as 8-year-old Ava pipes out: “But playing with paper birds is fine.” The PSA was produced by the UNICEF, FAO and WHO, with funding from the Government of Japan.

Watch PSA of Jackie Chan with six children in communicating information about avian influenza


Jackie Chan: Stigma buster
30 seconds / English & Madairin / Hong Kong 2005 #351
Jackie Chan sends a powerful message against discriminating against those people, especially children, infected and affected by AIDS. Watch Jackie Chan's "Stigma Buster" PSA in English.
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(Real player)



One minute videos produced by youth in East Asia & Pacific
Oneminutesjr. are 60 second videos made by young people between the ages of 12 and 20 from many countries in this region.



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