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Water brings cleaner, healthier lives

New water supply system transforms lives in Lao PDR

In Viet Nam, a 'total sanitation' programme makes progress in rural areas

15,000 villagers and 3,000 school children in Solomon Islands to benefit from EU water facility project

Sanitation and water must no longer play second fiddle to other priorities

Lack of safe water and sanitation in schools affects children’s learning – and their lives

Planned 'Call to Action for WASH in Schools' aims to promote water, sanitation and hygiene education

Deteriorating water quality threatens global gains made towards access to safe drinking water

Global event brings the urgent need for safe water into focus

East Asia officials meet to confront sanitation challenges

Students in PNG become teachers on handwashing

Indonesian children urged to wash hands to save lives

Spread the word, not the germs

Over 80 countries celebrate the second annual Global Handwashing Day

World Water Week convenes in Stockholm

2009 World Water Week: "Responding to Global Changes: Accessing Water for the Common Good”

Bangladesh hosts Asian Conference on arsenic mitigation

My learning is hooked up to good water and sanitation facilities – a typical cry from children in the highlands of Papua New Guinea

What a difference a jar makes in Myanmar

UNICEF ‘builds back better’ to improve water supply in China quake zone

Children create giant mural for World Water Day in Laos

Managing the world’s water resources key for future generations

The need for global action on safe water and sanitation

ABC Radio Australia, 30 October 2008
UNICEF expresses sanitation concerns in South Asia, Pacific

ABC Radio Australia, 29 October 2008
Nearly two million at risk of arsenic poisoning

ABC Radio Australia, 29 October 2008
UN highlights the cost of lack of sanitation

ABC Radio Australia, 29 October 2008
United Nations wants more work on water and sanitaton

Mongolian children celebrate Global Handwashing Day

In the fight to save children’s lives, washing hands takes centre stage

The Wiggles donate a song to UNICEF for first Global Handwashing Day

Water is now money

The simple act of washing hands with soap can save millions of lives

World Water Week 2008 focuses on sanitation, health and hygiene

INDONESIA: Nationwide campaign to improve sanitation

Bringing safe water to the thirsty in China

Through a UNICEF-supported project, Aceh villagers finally get safe water

New borehole well provides safe water to Aceh schoolchildren and villagers

Sharing perspectives on arsenic in drinking water from around the Greater Mekong

UNICEF promotes safe sanitation for World Water Day 2008

Poor sanitation putting children at risk in rural Viet Nam

Lao PDR declares 2008 the National Year of Sanitation

East Asian leaders vow to ramp up investment in sanitation and hygiene

Poor sanitation and hygiene a dirty and costly reality in East Asia

Addressing the global sanitation crisis

Water and sanitation remain huge challenges in East Asia and the Pacific

New UNICEF water and sanitation programme launched in Lao PDR





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