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East Asia and Pacific launch of the UN Secretary-General's study on violence against children

East Asia and Pacific launch of UN study on violence against children
East Asia and Pacific launch of UN study on violence against children, Bangkok

Children and child-rights organizations urged governments from East Asia and the Pacific to act on the findings from the newly released United Nations Study on Violence Against Children during a symposium on 19 October 2006 in which they also called attention to everyday abuse that is rife in the region in such settings as the home and family, schools, institutions (care and judicial) and the workplace.
“Much violence against children is shrouded in shame and secrecy, yet as this landmark study reveals, it is pervasive,” noted Anupama Rao Singh, UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Director in her remarks to open the symposium. Read more: press release of the event, highlights of the speeches and young representative's recommendations and the Global Report.
To raise attention to the study, the situation in the region and various solutions to reduce the violence, a coalition of seven agencies worked together to produce a series of newsletters that also highlight activities of governments, agencies and organizations. Click here to read the newsletters.



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