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Resources on South South Cooperation

Child Poverty in East Asia and the Pacific: Deprivations and Disparities

Published: November 2011
Publisher: UNICEF East Asia & Pacific

The report reveals that over 30 million children in the seven countries suffer from at least one severe deprivation. This is more acute in certain segments of the population, representing critical equity challenges. The most notable dimensions of inequity include disparities between rural and urban areas, between provinces or sub-national regions, between different ethnic groups, between small and large households, and between households headed by well-educated and poorly educated adults.

China's Foreign Aid White Paper
Consistent with the country's growing role as a source of development assistance, the Chinese Government has issued the country's first ever aid White Paper to outline its policies and approaches to South-South cooperation. The paper represents a useful resource for countries and organizations seeking SSC partnerships with China.   The unofficial summary

Successful Social Protection Floor Experiences
UN agencies and country teams in Cambodia, China, India, Thailand and elsewhere in the world facilitated the production of 18 case studies on social protection policies from 15 countries of the global South. These case studies were compiled in a joint UNDP-ILO publication: This publication is the first to bring together examples of good social protection floor practices for South-South learning. The knowledge, expertise and experience these countries have gained in their own efforts of establishing a SPF represent a valuable source for other countries interested in planning, expanding, extending or reorienting their own SPF systems. Click to read.

Report of the High Level Meeting on Cooperation for Child Rights in the Asia-Pacific Region

South-South Cooperation for Child Rights in the Asia Pacific region

A systems approach to Child Protection and Child Welfare in the Asia Pacific region

Children and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Asia Pacific region

Achieving MDGs with Equity: the Experiences of Countries in the Asia Pacific region



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