The First Asia Pacific Joint Forum, Subang, Malaysia, 6-10 November 2006

Objectives  |  Framework on integration  |  PMTCT Task Force


1. Orientation on WHO perspectives on integrating prevention and management of STI/HIV/AIDS into reproductive, maternal and newborn health services by Dr Quazi Monirul Islam, Director, Making Pregnancy Safer, HQ, WHO

2. Presentation on the position of PMTCT within the broader context of integration by Dr Wendy Holmes, Deputy Director, Technical Programs, Centre of International Health, MacFarlane Burnet Institute, Australia

3. Pre-pregnancy comprehensive prevention by Dr Stephen Atwood, Health and Nutrition Adviser, UNICEF EAPRO

4. Presentations on Best Practices, Experiences and Lessons Learnt:

  1. Cambodia "PMTCT Cambodia framework" by Prof. Koum Kanal, MNCHC Director
  2. China " Integrating prevention and management of STI/HIV/AIDS into reproductive, maternal and newborn health services in China" by Prof. Dr. Wang Linghong, National Centre of MCH, China CDC
  3. India "Integration of prevention and management of STI/HIV/AIDS into reproductive health"
  4. Myanmar "Integrating PMTC in RH/MCH services in Myanmar"
  5. Papua New Guinea "The STI clinic - role and integration in the General Hospital"
  6. Thailand "Experience in integration prevention and management of STI/HIV/AIDS into RH/MNH services in Thailand" by Dr. Nipunporn Voramongkol M.D., Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health, MoPH

5. Opening remarks

  1. Dr. Han Tieru, WHO Representative, Malaysia, on behalf of RD, WPRO
  2. Mr. Richard Bridle, Deputy Regional Director, UNICEF EAPRO
  3. Mr. Prasada Rao, Director, UNAIDS RST for Asia and the Pacific

PMTCT Task Force

1. Opening remarks by Mr. Toshi Niwa, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director

2. PMTCT in Asia and the Pacific: Overview of PMTCT Task Force and key recommendations of previous meetings by Dr.  Aye Aye Mon, UNICEF Philippines, HIV Officer

3. PMTCT status in Asia and the Pacific by Dr. Myo Zin Nyunt, Regional HIV/AIDS Officer, ROSA, UNICEF

4. Linking the "Integration" with the "PMTCT Task Force" by Dr. Chaiyos Kunanusont, Adviser, HIV/AIDS, UNFPA CST ESEA

5. New WHO PMTCT guidelines: Treating pregnant women and preventing HIV infections in infants in resource-limited settings by Dr. Tin Tin Sint, Technical Officer Treatment and Prevention Scale Up, Department of HIV/AIDS - PMTCT, HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Cluster, WHO HQ

6. Practices, Successes and Challenges:

  1. HIV testing and counselling by Dr Nguyen Van Kinh, Deputy Director-General, Viet Nam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC)
  2. Prevention of PMTCT in Pakistan by Dr Ayesha Khan, National AIDS Control Programme, Pakistan
  3. HIV and infant feeding by Prof. Wang Linhong, Deputy Director, National Center for Women and Children's Health, China Centers for Disease Control

7. Pediatric HIV and AIDS:

  1. New Asia Pacific tools and guidelines on pediatric HIV and AIDS by Dr. Sudhansh Malhotra, Regional Adviser, Child Health and Development, WHO SEARO
  2. Diagnosis of HIV infection in children by Prof. Kulkanya Chokephaibulkit, Associate Director, Siriraj Hospital, Thailand
  3. Challenges of providing HIV care for infants and children in resource-limited settings by Prof. Tripti Pensi, India Academy of Paediatricians
  4. "The Plus" - Referral, linkages and community-based care and support to children HIV infected and affected by HIV (1 and 2)by Dr. Mean Chhi Vun, Director, National Centre for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STD (NCHADS), Cambodia

8. HIV Related Supplies and Commodities:

  1. Procurement and supply management of ARV and HIV related supplies by Ms. Helene Moller, Field Support Officer HIV, UNICEF Supply Division and Dr. Jabulani Nyenwa, Consultant, UNICEF Supply Division
  2. Action in ASEAN on ensuring sustainable access by Dr. Bounpheng Philavong, Senior Officer for Health, ASEAN Secretariat

9. Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Assurance:

  1. Process monitoring: Nepal
  2. A national assessment for preventing HIV infection in mothers and children: an Indonesian story by Dr. Lukman Hendro/Dr. Muh Ilhamy Setyahadi, Directorate of Maternal Health, MOH, Republic of Indonesia
  3. Quality improvement in PMTCT and paediatric HIV care: Thailand experiences by Dr. Rangsima Lolekha, Team Leader, Pediatric and Family Team,  Global AIDS Program, Thailand MOPH-US CDC Collaboration





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