Communication Resources, Essentials and Tools for Emergencies (CREATE)


CREATE a difference in the region

One of the biggest shortcomings identified in the aftermath of the tsunami was the lack of preparedness to mount a strong community-based communication response in the initial few days and weeks following the disaster. In response, UNICEF developed the Communication Resources, Essentials and Tools for Emergencies (CREATE) initiative.

Working with countries, UNICEF helps prepare culturally appropriate communication tools and materials for a range of potential disasters – natural and public health emergencies – to mitigate and manage the risks, to strengthen community’s response skills and to promote positive life-saving behaviour. For example, CREATE has prepared materials for community and family awareness on preventing the spread of avian influenza and what to do should a human pandemic occur. CREATE is an interactive CD-ROM containing appropriate, effective and professionally produced communication materials that can be adapted and developed quickly in a variety of settings to meet the needs of affected communities.



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