15 June 2018

What we do

Our work in the region, Stretching from Mongolia in the North to Tonga in the South, the East Asia & Pacific office covers one of the most diverse and dynamic areas in world. Each year around 30 million children are born and UNICEF is there to help protect and promote their rights.  girls jumping together in the Philippines, Adolescents, Children holding hands in the Philippines, Child protection, Silvina Barreto (Middle), is attending preschool at Si-Rui Suco Laubonu, Ermera Municipality, Timor-Leste., Children's rights and business, A child with a physical impairment, sits next to his best friend, a child with a visual impairment, Children with disabilities, Children outside their UNICEF-supported school in Timor-Leste, Education, Makelesi, 7, standing in destoryed library of Nabau District School in Ra Province, Fiji after a cyclone, Emergencies, Girl in Fijian school raises her arm, Gender equality, A child is administered an oral vaccine during a routine immunization session at the health centre in the village of Preak Krabao, Kang Meas District, Cambodia, Health, A girl who is HIV-positive holds a teddy bear in Ruili City, Yunnan Province., HIV/AIDS, Kids smiling after their lunch in a kindergarten which is supported by UNICEF Mongolia’s nutrition programme in Nalaikh, district Ulaanbaatar, Nutrition, a mother and father with their baby in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Social policy, A girl smiles while drinking water at a water point in the village of Adone, Ta Oi District, Saravane Province. The village is home to the Pacoh ethnic group., Water, sanitation & hygiene, climate change, Environment and Climate Change, A girl taking her classes online while her mother works remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak, Digital Transformation, Two girls on a bicycle infront of their house, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, Emergencies, Rohingya Crisis, Thousands of Rohingya refugee children queue for aid at the Mainnerghona distribution center, Cox's Bazar, DPR Korea, a child in UNICEF-supported warm weather clothes in Northern DPR Korea
14 December 2017

Adolescent development

Potential for a better future, There are approximately 329 million adolescents in the East Asia and Pacific region, making up a quarter of the world's adolescent population. Young people in the region play an important role as agents of change, being more connected, aware, and eager to bring fresh perspectives, offer solutions, and support partnerships towards social change., Risks and opportunities, Adolescents laughing while they sit together on a computer Adolescence is a phase separate from both early childhood and adulthood. It is a transitional period that requires special attention and protection. This second decade of life presents a window of opportunity, since it is characterized by rapid physical and cognitive development. The…, A voice for all adolescents, Adolescents who are better informed and involved in decision-making can better protect themselves, grow and develop to their full potential As a fundamental human right under Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), their infinite capacities for ideas, action, and activism towards the creation of a better world…, Resources, These resources represent just a small selection of materials produced by UNICEF and its partners in the region. The list is regularly updated to include the latest information. Building Pathways to Empowerment: Recommendations For Promoting Inclusive Youth Civic Engagement This series of short papers explores practical approaches and…