A Statistical Profile of Birth Registration

In Asia and the Pacific

A mother received a birth certificate of her newborn baby, in the Malalai Hospital, in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan
UNICEF/UNI309807/Frank Dejongh


A Statistical Profile of Birth Registration in Asia and the Pacific presents an updated snapshot and analysis of the progress in achieving SDG 16.9 by providing everyone with birth registration and legal identity. The right to be recognized as a person before the law is a critical step in ensuring lifelong protection and effectively enables access to all other rights. Nevertheless out of the 167 million unregistered children worldwide, around 65 million of them live in Asia and the Pacific. According to the provided analysis even with accelerated progress the total number of unregistered children in the region could still be 18 million by 2024 and 3 million by 2030.

A Statistical Profile of Birth Registration
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