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Chatbots and safeguarding

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This learning brief provides 7 steps implementers can take to improve the safeguarding of chatbots for digital sexuality education and support.

The internet has become one of the primary sources of community and support for children and adolescent girls and boys, and they increasingly turn to it for information about sensitive issues such as sexuality, relationships, or health.

Chatbots (computer programmes which simulate human-like conversations, often via instant messaging services) are among the latest digital products being developed by those seeking to serve children and adolescents when it comes to digital sexuality education. When executed well, they can offer relevant, real-time, personalized advice, via channels young people are likely to use, while being cost-effective and scalable compared to human-led services. However, like any new technology, they also present unprecedented, safeguarding challenges. 

This report highlights those challenges, identifies examples of best practice, and provides clear guidance on how to start addressing them.

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