Country Briefs

Situation of Children Affected by Migration in ASEAN Member States

A boy sits in front of military graffiti in a temporary classroom at the Baan Mai Nai Soi refugee camp in Mae Hong Son Province near the Myanmar border.


The situation of children affected by migration in ASEAN Member States is a complex one. A diverse group of states in itself, ASEAN is also host to a unique migration situation, one in which millions of children are affected. They may migrate alone, with their families or remain in their country of origin while one or both parents migrate in search of opportunities to provide their children a better life. They may be fleeing persecution or conflict and seeking asylum. Their homes may be destroyed by environmental disasters, degradation and the impacts of climate change. Or they may be displaced by accidents from large-scale development projects or land acquisitions.  These country briefs delve into some of these issues across eight country contexts and present key recommendations to help address gaps and barriers identified in the broader Situation Analysis.

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UNICEF, Coram International
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