Children in Migration Business Policy Brief

Situation of Children Affected by Migration in ASEAN Member States

A boy is sitting, waiting for a tuk tuk driver to go to Siem Reap town


Children affected by migration are exposed to a range of protection risks. Businesses may cause and contribute to these risks – both directly and indirectly – through their activities and relationships. Child labour and economic exploitation are often cited as the main child protection risks caused or contributed to by businesses in the ASEAN region. But business practices can also contribute to other risks, such as migrant children and families being undocumented, placing them at heightened risk of exploitation or abuse and leaving them unable to access essential services. Yet, when businesses demonstrate a commitment to improving their practices to strengthen the protection of children and their rights, in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other instruments and standards, life changing positive impacts can be observed. 

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UNICEF, Coram International
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