Safer, greener schools for every child:

The need for investing in climate-smart, disaster-resilient education in East Asia and the Pacific

Students walk to Tunua Elementary School in Tunua Village, Indonesia.


In East Asia and Pacific, UNICEF is among the leading agencies when it comes to implementation and advocacy in the area of education. This includes ensuring that every child can enjoy safer and greener schools.

Children in East Asia and the Pacific are facing unprecedented threats from climate change and continue to be exposed to natural disasters, epidemics, violence and conflict. Schools should be safe learning spaces where children are protected from all risks and all hazards. UNICEF is committed to working with stakeholders in the education sector to invest in climate-smart, disaster-resilient education in the region.

This advocacy brief showcases UNICEF’s key priorities and efforts in ensuring that children and young people are put at the centre of national and regional plans to reduce the risks to schools and build resilience to disasters, climate impacts and humanitarian crises.

UNICEF calls on all national governments to take bold and urgent action to: promote the Comprehensive School Safety Framework; prioritize school safety; protect children; plan for education continuity; and partner with children and young people. UNICEF also calls on donors and partners to prioritize safe schools for every child in East Asia and the Pacific by: scaling up and accelerating investment in national and regional strategies to advance comprehensive school safety; collaborating and sharing knowledge and technical expertise for comprehensive school safety programming and systems design; and supporting partners and civil society in working on comprehensive school safety.

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