Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Declared 1 August 2018, an Ebola epidemic is raging in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri.

Declared on 1 August, the tenth Ebola epidemic is raging in the troubled provinces of North Kivu and Ituri.

A week after announcing the end of the ninth Ebola outbreak in the Equateur Province, the Democratic Republic of Congo is facing a new epidemic in the north-east of the country. This tenth epidemic affects the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, areas affected by armed conflict and facing particular security challenges.

Key figures (as of May 26, 2019)


confirmed cases


deaths recorded


children infected


separated children or orphans


people have received information about the disease


schools and community sites have been equipped with handwashing facilities


affected families have been assisted

Our work

Jean-Pierre Masuku, UNICEF’s Ebola Outreach Officer in North Kivu in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, discusses Ebola prevention with a girl in Ebola-affected Beni.

We inform communities about the disease, how to protect themselves and how to contain the spread of the epidemic.


UNICEF and its partners support the Government in the response to Ebola.

Un staff de l'UNICEF montrant comment se laver les mains

We make water, hygiene and sanitation available in communities, schools and health centers.

Une psychologue et deux enfants devant un centre de traitement Ebola

We provide psychosocial support to help families, including children, affected by the disease

Daniel is a nutritionist committed to the fight against Ebola

We provide nutritional care for infected people and children whose parents are in quarantine.

Un garçon avec un flyer traitant d'Ebola

We put prevention measures in place in schools to create a protective environment.



We are deeply concerned by the growing number of children confirmed to have contracted Ebola

Children now account for more than one third of the Ebola cases in affected regions of the DRC but the impact of the disease on children goes beyond those who have been infected. When parents or caregivers with the disease are taken to treatment centres or pass away, some children are left on their own. 

Our mission is to protect and to assist all the children affected by the Ebola virus. As the outbreak continues, we will continue to coordinate with our partners to ensure their physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.