Rudundu inhabitants change their habits

The installation of a new water source has prompted the community to mobilize for the children’s health and well-fare.

Judith et Imani nettoient les alentours de leurs habitations.
10 January 2022

Since the installation of a new water source in Rudundu, a village in Walungu Territory in South Kivu Province, cleanliness and hygiene have become the watchwords for all the inhabitants. Every day, Judith and Imani clean the area around their homes. "We are proud to contribute to the cleanliness of our village," they explain.

Une femme puise de l'eau.

The water source, which was built with the support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), provides clean drinking water to about 100 families. "I used to walk 45 minutes to fill a water can that was only used for cooking," Henriette declares, who now has easier access to water. "I can draw more water in less time and it helps to improve hygiene in my family.

Un relais communautaire sensibilise la communauté.

Having access to water is essential for improving the nutrition and health of communities. Patrick, a UNICEF-supported community liaison officer, raises awareness among village families on a daily basis. "I make sure  that after the discussions, people understand and commit themselves to making more efforts to ensure cleanliness on a daily basis," Patrick says.

Une femme se fait aider pour se laver les mains.

Georgine used to wash her hands by dipping them in a small basin filled with stagnant water. Since she learned the good practices, she has been literally following them. "I am happy not to be ignorant anymore,  because I realise that washing my hands properly costs nothing," the mother of three children says.

Un enfant puise de l'eau avec sa mère.

Having access to clean water has enabled people to change their habits and fight against diseases caused by poor sanitation. In Rudundu, many families were not aware of the importance of water for their health.

Une femme fait la propreté de sa toilette.

25 year-old , Yvette, used to pay little attention to cleaning her toilets, which exposed her family and all the villagers to many diseases. Since she was made aware of hygiene and sanitation, Yvette is very committed to cleanliness. "Health is priceless," she says proudly.

Réunio d'un comité de gestion d'eau.

A management committee has been set up, In order to sustain the improvements relating to the installation of the new water source. Each member of the committee is responsible for 10 families and accompanies them on a daily basis to ensure that hygiene rules are respected. They organize meetings on a weekly basis all the inhabitants to discuss the difficulties and possible improvements in the village. "We remain committed to making our environment clean and healthy," the committee chairman concludes.