Mother and daughter fight against malnutrition

UNICEF and its partners contribute to peace and stabilization, by strengthening food security livelihoods and access to social services.

Une mère préapre de la bouillie.
24 December 2021

"A month ago , my daughter’s health started to deteriorate , she lost appetite", declares Imani Bitendo, a mother who lives in a village located in Mwenga territory in South-Kivu province. The little Esther was always joyful, but after a while she became very weak and couldn’t smile anymore. Based on the tips given by community relay, Imani took Esther to the nearest health center where they informed her that her daughter was suffering from malnutrition.

Prise du périmètre brachial d'une petite fille.

As she was five months pregnant, Imani was also tested in the health center, and the medical staff told her that she was suffering from malnutrition as well. "When I heard it, i was devastated, because I couldn’t afford my health care and my daughter’s" she immediately thought, not knowing that the treatment was free of charge.

prise du périmètre brachial d'une femme.

Mother and her daughter returned home with the ingredients to cook rich and nutritive porridge made of maize flour, soya and sorghum. Consuming this porridge besides usual meals, helps the child with malnutrition to quickly gain weight. 

Des femmes reçoivent la farine de bouillie.

Imani in her seventh pregnancy , regularly follows the cooking demonstrations to ensure appropriate food for the family. During the 1,000 first days of life that is to say from the beginning of the pregnancy to second birthday of the child, feeding is crucial. In fact, it helps increase the possibility for all the children to reach their potential, improve their learning capacities at school and later, their potential incomes when they become adults.

Diversité des fruits

Since 2018, with the support of the Federal German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, UNICEF, WFP and FAO stregnthen the resilience in fragile communities in North-Kivu and South-Kivu provinces. UNICEF, WFP and FAO work together to relaunch agricultural production and basic products markets, fight against food insecurity, grow access to credit, improve infrastructures in the community and promote peace-building.