Atlas 2016

Access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation for rural and peri-urban communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Des femmes puisant de l'eau
UNICEF DRC Dubourthoumieu


Atlas 2016 is the annual report of the National Healthy School and Village Program (PNEVA) which aims to provide and maintain facilities in the field of water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH) in villages and rural and peri-urban schools in the 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This program has been implemented since 2008 as part of a technical and financial partnership between the Ministries of Public Health and Primary Education, Secondary and Professional and UNICEF.

Summarizing in an attractive way through maps and diagrams the advances of the PNEVA, this document is also an advocacy tool for the subsector of water, sanitation and hygiene in rural areas. If the PNEVA is a tool to achieve the ambitious goal of universal coverage defined by the Sustainable Development Goals, increased mobilization of the Congolese government and all technical and financial partners will nevertheless be necessary by 2030.

Couverture de l'Atlas 2016
Programme National Ecole et Village Assainis
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