Real lives

Supporting quality education

Back to school after the floods

My first days with UNICEF started with flood response

Mass Immunization Campaign against Measles in DPR Korea

UNICEF and WHO respond to measles outbreak in DPRK

Interview with UNICEF DPRK Representative

My life has changed

Water, environment and sanitation

Photo essays


Photo essays

Responding to malnutrition
UNICEF resumes humanitarian support to North Eastern provinces of DPRK , which have been off limit to all international agencies since the end of 2006,by providing nutritional supplies and essential medicines.

Flood Response in DPR Korea
UNICEF helps to provide emergency supplies such as water-purification tablets and essential medicines to affected areas.

Situation of Korean children

Putting children first in DPR Korea
Children in DPR Korea face a number of challenges. UNICEF is working to improve the survival and development of Korean children by investing in nutrition, health and education.



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