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Signing between Government and UNICEF
Mr. Ri Hung Sik, Secretary-General for the National Coordinating Committee for UNICEF, and Ms. Pierrette Vu Thi, UNICEF Representative in DPR Korea, signed the Master Plan of Operations for the 2004-2006 country programme in January 2004.

UNICEF has enjoyed close collaboration with the Government of DPR Korea in establishing an office and programme for the realization of the rights of children and women, particularly in health, nutrition, hygiene and education.

The National Coordinating Committee for UNICEF is UNICEF’s main counterpart in the Government.  It coordinates the following Government ministries and authorities in delivering the country programme.

The Ministry of Public Health works with UNICEF to ensure the highest level of health for children and women through supply of essential medicines, immunization, child care and safe motherhood.

The Ministry of City Management works with UNICEF to resolve issues related to water supply and sanitation. 

The Ministry of Education works with UNICEF to ensure that children have basic school materials in order to improve the effectiveness of the classroom, including learning retention.  In addition, the Ministry of Education and UNICEF are starting to address aspects of quality of education.

The Central Bureau of Statistics works with UNICEF to collect and analyze data, which contribute to monitoring the situation of children and women in the country and evaluating the country programme.

The Institute of Child Nutrition works with UNICEF to address issues related to child malnutrition and childcare.

The State Planning Commission works with UNICEF to realize universal salt iodization (USI).

The Grand People’s Study House works with UNICEF to advocate for children’s and women’s issues throughout the nation.

The Democratic Women’s Union works with UNICEF to promote best practices of family childcare.

Provincial and county authorities work with UNICEF to implement the country programme and provide feedback and lessons learned.



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