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Focus counties/districts

UNICEF in DPR Korea has taken two main strategies towards developing its country programme:

1.  National capacity for service delivery and planning will be developed through a combination of:

  • Training and technical assistance at the national level.
  • Continued support to nationwide activities, such as immunization and supplies to provincial hospitals.

2.  Integrated multisectoral action in 10 focus (rural) counties and (urban) districts to develop new, more efficient and effective approaches for comprehensive care of young children and women and improved quality of education.

Focus county/district experience feeds back into national policy review.

The majority of UNICEF’s resources are devoted to the focus counties/districts strategy.





Real lives story

Hoeryong City was selected as one of the additional piloting locations to receive a gravity-flow water supply system and improved sanitation facilities.  Ms. Kim Yong Suk tells her story to UNICEF's water, environment and sanitation project officer.

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