Youth act against climate and air pollution impacts (Mongolia)

Youth in Mongolia
UNICEF Mongolia / 2022 / Pasqualli


Young people in Mongolia understand that we need to tackle air pollution and climate change jointly to protect their health and future. If air pollution levels in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, where approximately half of the country’s population lives, do not decrease in the next few years, the financial cost of treating air pollution related diseases in children will increase 33 per cent by 2025. This means that the public health systems will face an additional cost of MNT 4.8 billion (just over US $2 million) per year by 2025.

Urgent action is needed and young people have responded to the call, engaging in evidence-based climate action with UNICEF’s support. In 2019, UNICEF and the Scout Association of Mongolia launched the Youth for Climate and Clean Air Network (YOUCCAN), which is supporting 3,250 young people to measure and monitor air pollution. This work has helped educate their peers and communities about ways to stay safe from toxic air, act on the ground and influence policy decisions to reach 1,015,250 people.