The UNICEF Public Finance Toolkit

Cover page of the report.


The UNICEF Public Finance Toolkit is a resource guide to support UNICEF staff and development partners select, adapt and apply public financial analysis tools to achieve better results for children.  It brings together 14 common public financial analysis tools that UNICEF uses in its work with governments and partners to improve public spending and investment in essential services for children.  

The Toolkit explains how to use the different analytical tools, including how to select the most appropriate tool and adapt it for specific contexts and needs. It includes resources and specific examples for applying public finance tools to the different sectoral and multi-sectoral issues and services that are essential for children, such as health, education, social protection, nutrition, water and sanitation, child protection, and early childhood development, at both national and subnational level. It also highlights when and how these tools can be used for evidence generation, advocacy and technical engagement with governments and partners to improve investments and results for children.  

While the Toolkit focuses on the needs of UNICEF staff, it can also assist other partners working on public finance, including national and subnational governments, to integrate a child rights lens in their public finance work. The toolkit is available in both English and French.


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