Parents on the frontlines of early grade reading and math (Nigeria)

Mother walking her son and daughter to school in Nigeria
UNICEF / 2007 / Nesbitt


In Nigeria, the UNICEF-supported volunteer-led in-person community learning hubs offers a range of options, including non-formal education programming and bridging programmes designed to bring participating students back into the formal education system now that schools have reopened. Parents are involved in two ways. First, they are among the community volunteers who lead lessons in these spaces. Second, parents serve on the school management committees alongside teachers, school administrators, and other community leaders which are linked to the community learning hubs. As members of the school management committees, parents are called upon to support learning at home and to bring children back to school as these reopen, including children who were already out of school prior to the pandemic – an estimated 9,969,280 children (3,853,297 girls) of pre-primary and primary-age.