Transforming Food Systems for Children

UNICEF at Work

child eating from a bowl


UNICEF at Work. Transforming Food Systems for Children outlines how UNICEF engages strategically with food systems and their public and private sector actors to advocate for policies, practices and products that support good nutrition for all children, in-line with the UNICEF Nutrition Strategy 2020–2030.  It describes example’s UNICEF’s work to strengthen food systems for children at global and country level across three action areas:

  1. Improving children’s foods through actions in public policy, guidelines and standards, and food supply chains – including fortified foods, food supplements and therapeutic foods for children.
  2. Improving children’s food environments, including the places where children live, learn, eat and meet, through actions in public sector policies and programmes and in private sector practices and products.
  3. Improving children’s food practices through policies, strategies and programmes that promote positive individual behaviours, caregiver practices and social norms.
child eating from a bowl