From human centered technology design to women and girls-centered digital products addressing gender-based violence

Designing GBV tech solutions for women and girls living in humanitarian crises


UNICEF, in collaboration with key partners, has pioneered the development of two groundbreaking digital products – Laaha, a Virtual Safe Space (VSS) platform, and the eRPW app for GBV referrals – to address the unique challenges faced by women and girls in humanitarian crises. This working paper, authored by experts in GBV and technology, delves into the human-centered design process of these initiatives, highlighting the commitment to women and girls-centered technology solutions. Emphasizing extensive user research and co-creation, the paper explores how these digital tools effectively address gender biases, ensure safety, and bridge the digital divide, especially in low-connectivity and low-literacy settings. The publication serves as a comprehensive guide on designing ethical and accessible GBV tech solutions, reflecting UNICEF's dedication to advancing gender equity through innovative technology.

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