Harnessing the potential of inclusive digital education to improve learning (Paraguay)

ADT in Paraguay
UNICEF /2021 / Cabrera


To advance inclusive and accessible education for all students—with and without disabilities—in the same classroom, UNICEF Paraguay implemented the Accessible Digital Textbooks for All (ADT) initiative, incorporating principles of the Universal Design for Learning that recognise the value of individualised and differentiated learning. Preliminary results showed that the ADT initiative has the potential to heighten student motivation as well as usher positive, inclusive teaching in the classroom that paves the way for improved school results. Since 2019, the ADT initiative in Paraguay has benefitted over 700 students ages 6 to 10 years, providing accessible educational content in alternative formats to improve the foundational learning of students with and without disabilities. By 2024, the programme aims to reach 30,000 students from Grades 1-9 in 300 schools.

For more information, you can view the full research report on the UNICEF Innocenti website in English and Spanish.