Getting girls back to the classroom after COVID-19 school closures (South Sudan)

School girl in South Sudan
UNICEF South Sudan/Chol


Even before COVID-19, 2.2 million children, most of whom are girls, were out of school in South Sudan. Protracted conflict has devastated the country’s education system, and the recent pandemic left an additional 2.1 million children out of school. UNICEF is working closely with the Government and other partners to advocate for a complete, safe return to school for the 2.1 million children who dropped out due to COVID-19. Of these children, nearly 900,000 are girls and require particular attention to reengage with their learning. Despite deep-rooted challenges, UNICEF South Sudan reached 1.5 million in and out-of-school children (630,000 girls) in 2020 from pre-primary through to secondary with both distance learning and face-to-face education for students in examination classes.