Climate, environment, energy and disaster risk reduction in UNICEF's 2022-2025 Strategic Plan


This document:

  • Demonstrates how UNICEF's 2022-2025 Strategic Plan recognizes that climate change and environmental degradation are existential threats to a child’s ability to survive, grow, and thrive and that all levers of the organization need to work together in a coordinated fashion;
  • Shows the strong links in the new SP between responses to climate change with disaster risk reduction as children increasingly need holistic solutions that address both sudden-onset impacts of disasters, including those that are exacerbated by climate change — such as hurricanes and floods — and resilient solutions that promote climate-smart development for the long-term; and
  • Highlights areas where the UNICEF's new SP activates all of UNICEF’s levers of impact on these issues: in our global programmes, our advocacy and communications infrastructure and our own operations and supply chain.
Girls walking to School
UNICEF Climate, Environment, Energy and Disaster Risk Reduction

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