Child Protection Blueprint - A Fair Deal for Refugee Children


“Inclusion” is when refugee children’s rights are respected, without discrimination, in law and practice, including their ability to access national services. Strengthening inclusion has the dual benefit of enhancing the protection of refugee children, while also contributing to strengthening national child protection systems that benefit all children.

The Blueprint for Joint Action focuses on streamlining the approach to serving refugee children. It also reaffirms UNICEF and UNHCR’s long-standing commitment to work with governments of refugee hosting countries—and with each other and our partners —to increase inclusion, strengthen national child protection systems, and support States to provide for all children in their territory.

UNHCR and UNICEF’s partnership prioritizes human rights and community based approaches to programming and accountability to affected populations. All stakeholders’ efforts to implement the Blueprint also fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals’ commitment “to leave no one behind”.

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