Adolescent Girls’ Voices on Climate Action

Results from a 2022 U-Report Survey

U-Reporter in DRC
Christian Mokili


UNICEF conducted a U-Report survey to assess young people’s views on climate change ahead of the 27th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 27). This infographic highlights responses from more than 17,000 adolescent girls (aged 14-19) across 29 U-Report programme countries and the U-Report global platform.

U-Report is a messaging tool that empowers young people around the world to engage with and speak out on issues that matter to them ( U-Reports are run by UNICEF and partners on the ground, including local government, non-governmental organizations and young people themselves. U-Report is available via numerous messaging, social media and SMS channels, and even works on a basic mobile phone. It is free, anonymous and easy to use.

U-Report Fired Up graphic