Climate, Environment, Energy & Disaster Risk Reduction - Global Annual Results Report 2022

Excerpted from 2022 Global Annual Results Report 2022 Goal Area 4: Every child lives in a safe and clean environment


Ensuring that every child lives in a safe and sustainable climate and environment is a key strategic priority of  UNICEF’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. This includes in humanitarian emergencies and fragile contexts. Under Goal Area 4 in the Strategic Plan, UNICEF pursues outcomes address climate change, disaster risks and environmental degradation, with a focus on the most vulnerable children. In the first year of the Strategic Plan, this report on 2022 results shows that good progress was made against indicator targets in this area.

The report highlights how UNICEF is ramping up its climate, environment, energy and disaster risk reduction (CEED) work to address the ever-increasing impacts on children and young people from climate change, environmental degradation, pollution, biodiversity loss and from all types of disasters. Efforts focus on the need to protect the most vulnerable children from the impacts of the planetary crisis, and work with partners to address the need to increase funding and support for child-focused responses. Through its own programmes, advocacy, resource mobilization and data and evidence efforts, as described in this report, UNICEF works to realize the right of every child and young person to live in a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable climate and environment.

Girl with environment drawing
UNICEF Climate, Environment, Energy and Disaster Risk Reduction