Child protection

Program : Child Protection


Case management of orphans and vulnerable children

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Increase the number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) having access to adequate social protection services.


• Provide a range of services (education, health, protection, nutritional support, tutors’    training etc.)
• Supports OVCs within protective families
• Direct financial assistance to families caring for orphans
• Vocational training for caring adolescents
• Income-generating activities

Major actions

• Situation Analysis of Djibouti OVCs
• Develop a strategic framework for OVCs’ case management
• Include “OVCs” issues on the agenda of the 6th round of the Global Fund to fight AIDS
• Develop a community unit caring for OVCs
• Develop an instruction manual for OVCs’ case management’s strategic framework
• Develop a “cash transfer scheme” in order to give direct financial assistance to families caring for orphans
• Training NGO partners


Government Partners:
• Ministry of Women Promotion, Family Welfare and Social Affairs
• Ministry of Health
• Ministry of National Education
• Executive Secretariat for the fight against HIV / AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis

NGOs and associations:
• National Union of Djiboutian Women (UNFD Diwan Al Zakat)
• Peace and Milk Association (Association Paix et Lait)
• Yes to Life (Oui à la Vie)
• New Hope (Nouvel Espoir) 


Number of OVCs receiving a basic free external support (financial, in kind or in the form of psychosocial support)



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