Child protection

Program : Child Protection


Human rights promotion and protection

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• Improving national capacities to promote human rights, through the monitoring of the implementation of conventions on the rights of children and of women (CRC & CEDAW)
• Strengthening the development of social policies and advocacy on children’s rights
• 90% of children under 11 were issued a birth certificate;


• Capacity Building at national and local levels;
• supporting the development of political officials as well as those in charge of coordination, monitoring and assessment;
• Support decentralization in terms of transfer of competencies to town and regional councils as regards civil service management,
• advocacy work to protect and promote children’s and women’s rights

Major actions

• Capacity Building at the Ministry of Interior through civil service staff training
• Drafting and support the presentation of the periodic report regarding the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
• Popularization of the periodic report through national sensitization workshops
• Text of laws governing civil service acts
• Birth registration promotion
• Child poverty analysis
• Development of Social Protection policies
• Assessments on gender mainstreaming within UN and UNICEF programmes
• Development of monitoring systems on child situation including DevInfo (software used to monitor progress toward the MDGs and the situation of women and children)


• Ministry of Interior
• Ministry of Women Promotion, Family Welfare and Social Affairs
• Ministry of Education
• Ministry of Justice
• NGOs and Associations (Women Association, Pupils’ Parents Associations…)


• Birth registration rate for children under 5 and under 11
• Number of CDE Monitoring Committee’s recommendations implemented so far.
• Number of laws concerning the protection of registered children



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