Fight against HIV/AIDS



Prevention of Parents to Child HIV / AIDS Transmission


• Reduce by half mother to child HIV transmission
• At least 90% of women taking Prenatal Consultations (PNC) are provided with counseling and adhere to HIV / AIDS tests
• 60% of HIV positive mothers are provided with a global case management
• Case management of infected children has risen from 3  to 10 %


(i) Strengthen PMTCT coordination at the central level as well as in the Districts / Regions
(ii) Extend counselling and voluntary testing in all consultation services
(iii) Improve global case management of HIV-positive mothers and their children
(iv) Strengthen community communication and participation to prevent parent to child HIV / AIDS transmission.

Major Activities

 • Establish PMTCT coordination mechanisms
 • Train all health service providers in voluntary counseling and testing
 •Strengthen health facilities that provide PMTCT services in terms of equipment, material and other consumables
 • Train health service providers on feeding and nutritional case management of HIV-positive mothers
 • Train/ retrain health service providers caring for infants and children on how to provide HIV pediatric management services (cotrimoxazole, IO, ARV, Nutrition, observance support, etc...).
 • Develop and validate a national childhood management strategy of HIV positive children
 • Make advocacy among community and religious leaders


• Ministry of Health
• Executive Secretariat for the fight against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis


- Rate of pregnant women who have received PNC and counseling and tested for HIV
- Rate of HIV positive pregnant women in care
- Rate of children born to HIV + mothers receiving ARV prophylaxis
- Rate of HIV + children receiving ARV treatment
- Rate of health facilities that have developed a joint project with at least one
  community association
- Rate of health structures with a monitoring and evaluation database



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