Basic Education and Gender Equality

Program : Gender Equality and Basic Education


Improving children’s education


• 93% of girls and boys aged 6 to 11 years access a quality basic education
• School structures capacity and environment have improved throughout the country


• Support the rehabilitation of old schools and the construction of new ones
• Improve schools’ environment through a range of services: energy, sanitation, hygiene, access to potable water and educational activities
• Social mobilization and campaign to foster school enrollment; and community mobilization
• Strong support to media in social mobilization

Major Activities

• Construction of rural schools as well related infrastructures
• Renovation of urban schools with the expansion of classes’ capacity
• Installation of solar panels, latrines and water points in schools
• Social mobilization and campaign through the media and community channels (local officials, neighborhood associations….) to foster school enrollment during the “Education Week for All” and “the National Day for Girls'   Education”
• Validation of " Child-Friendly School " (CFS) criteria and Label
• Yearly participation of all schools to " Child-Friendly School " initiative
• Participation of students and parents in the management of school environment


French Development Agency,

Net enrolment rate
Ratio of girls to boys in primary education
Percentage of schools offering a quality school environment (CFS label)
Completion rate of primary education without repeating



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